Service restoration on distribution systems using Multi-MicroGrids

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Fernanda Resende
Nuno José Gil
João Peças Lopes
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Large scale integration of distributed generation of both medium and low voltage networks can be achieved by exploiting the Multi-MicroGrid (MMG) concept, a new distribution system architecture comprising a hierarchical control system, which allows the coordination among distributed generation units and MicroGrids and therefore the operation of such a system in islanded mode. After a general blackout the MMG capabilities can also be used to provide service restoration in distribution systems. A new procedure for MMG black start is then addressed in this paper. A sequence of control actions is defined and evaluated through numerical simulations. Fully automation of the entire MMG black start procedure is discussed along the paper. The results obtained demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed sequence of control actions and highlight some accomplishments that should be considered in order to successfully restore the MMG service, ensuring system stability and power quality.