Fibre Optic Hot-Wire Flowmeter Based on a Metallic Coated Hybrid LPG-FBG Structure

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Francisco Araújo
Gaspar Rego
Orlando Frazão
José Luís Santos
Luís Alberto Ferreira
Paulo Caldas
Pedro Jorge
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In this work an all optical hot-wire flowmeter based on a silver coated fibre incorporating a long period grating and a Bragg grating is demonstrated. Optical energy at 1480 nm propagating down the fibre is coupled by the long period grating into the fibre cladding and absorbed by the metallic coating deposited on the fibre surface over the Bragg grating position. This absorption acts like a hot-wire raising locally the fibre temperature, which is effectively detected by the FBG resonance shift. The temperature raise depends on the flow speed of the surrounding air that has the effect to cool the fibre. In this way, the FBG Bragg wavelength shift can be related with the flow speed. Results obtained demonstrate the working principle and a flow speed resolution of 0.08 m/s is demonstrated.