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Title: Active Illumination Single-Pixel Camera Based on Compressive Sensing
Authors: Mehrdad Abolbashari
Francisco Araújo
Miguel Velhote Correia
Faramarz Farahi
Filipe Tiago Magalhães
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In this paper an optical imaging system based on compressive sensing (CS) is presented along with its principal mathematical aspects. Although CS is undergoing significant advances and empowering many discussions and applications throughout various fields, this article focus on the analysis of a single-pixel camera. This work was the core for the development of a single-pixel camera approach based on active illumination. Therefore, the active illumination concept is described along with experimental results, which were OSA Published by 2 very encouraging towards the development of compressive sensing based cameras for various applications, such as pixel level programmable gain imaging.
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