Adequacy and Security Evaluation of Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation

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Diego Issicaba
João Peças Lopes
Mauro Rosa
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This paper presents an adequacy and security evaluation of electric power distribution systems with distributed generation. For this accomplishment, bulk power system adequacy and security evaluation concepts are adapted to distribution system applications. The evaluation is supported by a combined discrete-continuous simulation model which emulates the distribution system operation. This model generates a sequence of operation states which are evaluated from a steady-state perspective using AC power flow computations. Frequency and voltage stability are also assessed using dynamic simulation in order to verify the feasibility of islanded operation. Simulation results are presented for the RBTS-BUS2-F1 as well as an actual feeder from the South of Brazil. The results emphasize the need to consider adequacy and security aspects in the distribution system assessments, mainly due to the ongoing integration of distributed energy resources.