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dc.contributor.authorVladimiro Mirandaen
dc.contributor.authorTatjana Konjicen
dc.contributor.authorMauro Rosaen
dc.contributor.authorVladimiro Mirandaen
dc.contributor.authorMilenko Tomicen
dc.description.abstractIn order to deal with the power fluctuations that come from wind uncertainties, this paper presents a generating reliability assessment of the real generation system of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) including wind power as an planning exercise for a given horizon. For this purposes, the sequential Monte Carlo simulation is used not only to assess conventional reliability indices as loss of load probability, loss of load expectation, loss of load frequency, and loss of load duration, but also to discuss an alternative measure of risk-based level called Well-being Analysis.en
dc.titleReliability Evaluation of Balkan Generation Systems Considering Planning Exercise of Wind Power Integrationen
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