Geographical Web Platform for e-Tourism

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António Coelho
André Correia Rodrigues
Mário Jorge Leitão
José Manuel Oliveira
Lino Oliveira
Leonel João Dias
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Nowadays it's basically mandatory for any tourist region to have a web site intended for the potential visitors. A wealth of new possibilities has recently sprung up with the support by modern browsers of new standards and technologies. Additionally, in contrast with other areas, for which various platforms are already available and simply require some customisation, this doesn't happen with tourism. This paper describes the design of a generic platform that can be customised to any tourist region, featuring integrated georeferencing of items from heterogene-ous sources, trip planner based on a suggestion engine - considering the location and category of included points of interest (POI) -, interconnection of Events, POI, Routes and Itineraries. The result goes beyond what's currently available and is being deployed in the Douro Valley wine region in a proof of concept and case study manner.