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Title: Development of an integrated narrowband tunable filter for LIDAR applications
Authors: Manuel Joaquim Marques
Luís Alberto Ferreira
José Luís Santos
João P. Carmo
Dionísio A. Pereira
Francisco Araújo
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The overall procedure toward the implementation of a compact tunable athermal filter mounted on a piezoelectric actuator and based on a π-shift chirped fiber Bragg grating is presented. This package ensures an active tunablility over 2 nm with a cross thermal induced Bragg wavelength shift below 100 pm over a temperature range from −20ºC to +80ºC. The proposed filter makes use of the overall response of a π-shift chirped fiber Bragg grating and a bulk broadband microfilter that enables a sharp optical transmission spectrum response having a FWHM below 20 pm within a 2 nm region and 20 dB rejection band to be obtained.
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