Distributed Energy Resources Impact on Distribution System Reliability under Load Transfer Restrictions

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João Peças Lopes
Armando Sousa
Mauro Rosa
Luiz C. Nascimento
Diego Issicaba
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Wind and solar power are well known intermittent power sources with high availability uncertainties. Hence, whenever they are integrated to distribution systems, these power sources can increase significantly the complexity of system operation. This paper presents an impact analysis of distributed energy resources integration on distribution systems, focusing mainly on reliability aspects. Therefore, an interesting algorithm to correctly determine the amount of capacity that may be transferred to other feeders is presented and discussed, taken into consideration the presence of distributed generation. The methodology is tested in a typical Brazilian distribution system, assuming the integration of a diesel-based combined heat and power unit, wind turbines, and solar panels. The results provide general insights regarding the benefits of applying distributed generation to alleviate load transfer restrictions.