Methodologies to Determine Operating Reserves due to Increased Wind Power

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Barry Rawn
Erik Ela
Nickie Menemenlis
Nina Detlefsen
Emilio Gomez Lazaro
Damian Flynn
Ricardo Jorge Bessa
Jan Dobschinski
Hannele Holttinen
Michael Milligan
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Power systems with high wind penetration experience increased variability and uncertainty, such that determination of the required additional operating reserve is attracting a significant amount of attention and research. This paper presents methods used in recent wind integration analyses and operating practice, with key results that compare different methods or data. Wind integration analysis over the past several years has shown that wind variability need not be seen as a contingency event. The impact of wind will be seen in the reserves for non-event operation (normal operation dealing with deviations from schedules). Wind power will also result in some events of larger variability and large forecast errors that could be categorized as slow events. The level of operating reserve that is induced by wind is not constant during all hours of the year, so that dynamic allocation of reserves will reduce the amount of reserves needed in the system for most hours.