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Title: Predictive Sequence Miner in ILP Learning
Authors: Vítor Santos Costa
Carlos Ferreira
João Gama
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This work presents an optimized version of XMuSer, an ILP based framework suitable to explore temporal patterns available in multi-relational databases. XMuSer's main idea consists of exploiting frequent sequence mining, an efficient method to learn temporal patterns in the form of sequences. XMuSer framework efficiency is grounded on a new coding methodology for temporal data and on the use of a predictive sequence miner. The frameworks selects and map the most interesting sequential patterns into a new table, the sequence relation. In the last step of our framework, we use an ILP algorithm to learn a classification theory on the enlarged relational database that consists of the original multi-relational database and the new sequence relation. We evaluate our framework by addressing three classification problems and map each one of three different types of sequential patterns: frequent, closed or maximal.
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