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Title: Software Packages to Support Electrical Engineering Virtual Lab
Authors: Fernando Maciel Barbosa
R. F. Mesquita Brandão
J. Beleza Carvalho
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The use of Virtual Reality Systems (VRS), as a learning aid, encourages the creation of tools that allow users/students to simulate educational environments on a computer. This article presents a way of building a VRS system with Software Packages to support Electrical Engineering Virtual Laboratories to be used in a near future in the teaching of the curriculum unit of Circuit Theory. The steps required for the construction of a project are presented in this paper. The simulation is still under construction and intends to use a three-dimensional virtual environment laboratory electric measurement, which will allow users/students to experiment and test the modeled equipment. Therefore, there are still no links available for further examination. The result may demonstrate the future potential of applications of Virtual Reality Systems as an efficient and cost-effective learning system.
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