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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adaptive Portfolio Optimization for Multiple Electricity Markets ParticipationPinto,T; Morais,H; Sousa,TM; Sousa,T; Vale,Z; Praca,I; Faia,R; Eduardo Pires
2015Assessing physical activity intensity by video analysisSilva,P; Santiago,C; Reis,LP; Armando Sousa; Mota,J; Welk,G
2016Assessment of Robotic Picking Operations Using a 6 Axis Force/Torque SensorMoreira,E; Luís Freitas Rocha; Andry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Germano Veiga
2010Avaliação de Impacto Ambiental de Descargas de Águas Residuais Usando Uma Metodologia GeoestatísticaMaurici Monego; Patrícia Ramos; Mário Neves
2012Beat tracking for multiple applications: A multi-agent system architecture with state recoveryLuís Paulo Reis; João Lobato Oliveira; Fabien Gouyon; Matthew Davies
2015Biomechanical study of the Spider Crab as inspiration for the development of a biomimetic robotRynkevic,R; Manuel Santos Silva; Marques,MA
2017Chaos-based grey wolf optimizer for higher order sliding mode position control of a robotic manipulatorJosenalde Barbosa Oliveira; Paulo Moura Oliveira; José Boaventura; Tatiana Martins Pinho
2017Comparative Analysis between LDR and HDR Images for Automatic Fruit Recognition and CountingTatiana Martins Pinho; João Paulo Coelho; Josenalde Barbosa Oliveira; José Boaventura
2016Controller System Design Using the Coefficient Diagram MethodJoão Paulo Coelho; Tatiana Martins Pinho; José Boaventura
2016Coordination of Marine Robots Under Tracking Errors and Communication ConstraintsBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; António Paulo Moreira
2017A cost-effective instrumented walkway for measuring ground reaction forces in rats to assess gait patternSilva,N; Joaquim João Sousa; Emanuel Peres Correia; António Ribeiro Sousa; Ruiz Armenteros,AM; Varejao,A; Raul Morais
2015Decision Support for Energy Contracts Negotiation with Game Theory and Adaptive LearningPinto,T; Vale,Z; Praca,I; Eduardo Pires; Lopes,F
2015Design of Posicast PID control systems using a gravitational search algorithmPaulo Moura Oliveira; Eduardo Pires; Novais,P
2015Developing an aquaponics system to learn sustainability and social compromise skillsDuarte,AJ; Benedita Malheiro; Ribeiro,C; Manuel Santos Silva; Ferreira,P; Guedes,P
2016Development of an application for balancing product flow lines through genetic algorithmsManuel Santos Silva; Reis,C; Pimenta,R
2012Distributed Energy Resources Impact on Distribution System Reliability under Load Transfer RestrictionsJoão Peças Lopes; Armando Sousa; Mauro Rosa; Luiz C. Nascimento; Diego Issicaba
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 16 of 102