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Title: WIKI::SCORE - A collaborative environment for music transcription and publishing
Authors: José Nuno Oliveira
José João Almeida
Nuno Ramos Carvalho
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Music sources are most commonly shared in music scores scanned or printed on paper sheets. These artifacts are rich in information, but since they are images it is hard to re-use and share their content in todays' digital world. There are modern languages that can be used to transcribe music sheets, this is still a time consuming task, because of the complexity involved in the process and the typical huge size of the original documents. WIKI::SCORE is a collaborative environment where several people work together to transcribe music sheets to a shared medium, using the notation. This eases the process of transcribing huge documents, and stores the document in a well known notation, that can be used later on to publish the whole content in several formats, such as a PDF document, images or audio files for example.
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