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Title: Real-time estimation of tyre-road friction peak with optimal linear parameterisation
Authors: Ricardo Castro
Diamantino Freitas
Rui Esteves Araujo
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Spurred by the problem of identifying, in real-time, the adhesion levels between the tyre and the road, a practical, linear parameterisation (LP) model is proposed to represent the tyre friction. Towards that aim, results from the theory of function approximation, together with optimisation techniques, are explored to approximate the non-linear Burckhardt model with a new LP representation. It is shown that, compared with other approximations described in the literature, the proposed LP model is more efficient, that is, it requires a smaller number of parameters, and provides better approximation capabilities. Next, a modified version of the recursive least squares, subject to a set of equality constraints on parameters, is employed to identify the LP in real time. The inclusion of these constraints, arising from the parametric relationships present when the tyre is in free-rolling mode, reduces the variance of the parametric estimation and improves the convergence of the identificatio
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