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dc.contributor.authorda Costa,FPen
dc.contributor.authorGabriel Daviden
dc.description.abstractThis project has been motivated by the need to standardize, preserve, and share the data sets of the Laboratory of Vibrations and Structural Monitoring (ViBest, of FEUP, produced by several long term projects individually managed. The solution presented is meant to support the process of Structural Health Monitoring, offering features to catalogue the projects, their goals and components, to store and visualize their acquired and processed data through time, and to preserve the data in a standardized form for all the research unit and extensible to future applications. The result is a digital archive with automatic ingestion of new data files and a Web interface with access control and tools for information management. There is a batch export functionality to deal with large data transfers. It is being used on monitoring data related with different kinds of structural health monitoring applications. The standardization and preservation of all data sets acquired in multiple applications will be certainly a solid basis for further research, either at a local basis or in the context of international joint cooperation.en
dc.subjectStructural Health Monitoring-
dc.subjectScientific Data Repositories-
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dc.titleViBest SHM: an information system and data repository for structural health monitoringen
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