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    Digital Twin for Monitoring Containerized Hazmat Cargo in Port Areas
    ( 2022) Lino Oliveira ; Mafalda Rodrigues Castro ; Rui Jorge Ramos ; Santos,J ; Silva,J ; Dias,L ; 8050 ; 4290 ; 8130
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    GeoSpatial Platform for Port Management Processes
    ( 2016) Lino Oliveira ; Santos,J ; Leonel João Dias ; 4290 ; 5279
    Port authorities have the need to manage diverse information within the port area under its responsibility regarding their land and sea infrastructures. Through this innovation, which adds value to the port and its activity, it is made an interconnection of strategic areas, with the provision and sharing of structured data in a georeferenced environment. This work presents an innovative platform, based on various modules and allows effective control and efficient management of operations, processes and requirements associated with any sea port. The developed modules are designed to support the activities of business processes in the following areas of the port administration: Heritage, Hydrography, Port Traffic, Dominial, Studies and Works, Safety and Environment. Most of these modules were pioneers in the integration with business process management of portuguese ports of Leixoes and Viana do Castelo.
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    GIDERAS Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure and Sectorial Applications Manager
    ( 2013) Lino Oliveira ; Leonel João Dias ; Rodrigues,A ; Barros,R ; 4290 ; 5279
    SDIs allow the gathering of technical and organizational elements needed to enable the usage of territorial based information in an interoperable way. However, the cost of managing an SDI is high and the expertise level required is too specialized which, combined, hamper its maintenance and operation. This work, still in progress, presents a proposal for a manager for a regional level SDI, free software based, following the European INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community) directive principles and complying with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards. This CMS (Content Management System) for the SDI will shield the user from the inherent complexity and ease the creation of innovative services and the integration of cross-sectorial applications for a given region, using the geographic information generated by each municipality, as well as provide data for sibling SDIs (inter regional) and parent SDIs (supra regional).
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    FPGAs as General-Purpose Accelerators for Non-Experts via HLS: The Graph Analysis Example
    ( 2021) Silva,PF ; João Bispo ; Nuno Miguel Paulino ; 6527 ; 5802
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    Executing ARMv8 Loop Traces on Reconfigurable Accelerator via Binary Translation Framework
    ( 2020) Nuno Miguel Paulino ; João Canas Ferreira ; João Bispo ; João Paiva Cardoso ; 5550 ; 6527 ; 473 ; 5802