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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of J-Pole antenna configurations for underwater communicationsOluyomi Aboderin; Sofia Isabel Inácio; Hugo Miguel Santos; Mário Rui Pereira; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Henrique Salgado
2017Analysis of loop antenna with ground plane for underwater communicationsAboderin,O; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Henrique Salgado
2017Analysis of resonant tunnelling diode oscillators under optical modulationTavares,JS; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Figueiredo,JML; Henrique Salgado
2012Analysis of the Logical Proximity between 802.11 Access PointsRicardo Morla; Ricardo Miguel Sousa; João Coelho; Abel Maio
2011Analyzing the Behavior of a new Joint Radio Resource Management StrategyHermes del Monego; José Manuel Oliveira; Manuel Ricardo
2016Antenna Design for Underwater Radio CommunicationsSofia Isabel Inácio; Mário Rui Pereira; Hugo Miguel Santos; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Filipe Borges Teixeira; Mário Jorge Lopes; Oluyomi Aboderin; Henrique Salgado
2017AnyPLACE - An Energy Management System to Enhance Demand Response ParticipationCláudia Rocha Abreu; David Emanuel Rua; Tiago André Costa; Paulo Antunes Machado; João Peças Lopes; Heleno,M
2002The Application of Intimate Metadata in Post ProductionF. Hericourt; M. Koppetz; T. Erseghe; Jaime Cardoso; Paul Walland; G. Thomas
2011Application-Driven design to extend WSN lifetimeBruno Filipe Marques; Manuel Ricardo
2013Architecture for Transparent Binary Acceleration of Loops with Memory AccessesPaulino,N; João Canas Ferreira; João Paiva Cardoso
2016Assessment of design trade-offs for wireless power transfer on seawaterHugo Miguel Santos; Mário Rui Pereira; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Manuel Cândido Santos; Henrique Salgado
2011Assessment of noise impact on UWB signals in R-EAM based optical linksJorge Castro; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Henrique Salgado; João Barbosa Oliveira; Diogo Vieira Coelho
2009Assessment of parallel equalizer/phase estimation algorithms in coherent optical systemsI. Darwazeh; Henrique Salgado; Luís Manuel Pessoa
2012Assigning a confidence threshold on automatic beat annotation in large datasetsJoão Lobato Oliveira; José Zapata; Andre Holzapfel; Matthew Davies; Fabien Gouyon
2018Audiovisual annotation in the study of physicsMarçal,J; Borges,MM; Carvalho,P; Paula Viana; 1107
2013AutoMashUpper: An Automatic Multi-Song Mashup SystemMatthew Davies; Hamel,P; Yoshii,K; Goto,M
2016Automated detection of malaria parasites on thick blood smears via mobile devicesRosado,L; Correia da Costa,JMC; Elias,D; Jaime Cardoso
2015Automatic Analysis of Lung Function Based on Smartphone RecordingsJoão Pedro Teixeira; Luís Filipe Teixeira; Fonseca,J; Jacinto,T
2008Automatic Breast Contour Detection in Digital PhotographsMaria J. Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 452