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Title: Hardware acceleration of a Stereo Navigation application with high-level C to HW synthesis
Authors: José Carlos Alves
João Paiva Cardoso
Zlatko Petrov
João Vilela Teixeira
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Hardware acceleration is a well established solution to accelerate computational intensive applications, in particular for embedded applications based on performance constrained processors. However, the effort for designing hardware architectures capable of effectively improving the execution time of a software application, makes this approach almost exclusively affordable to experienced hardware designers. This paper describes a case study on how effective an automated high-level synthesis tool can be for the creation of RTL architectures from untimed software algorithms. The high-level synthesis tool CatapultC from Mentor Graphics was used for translating the most time consuming sections of an image based navigation application. The lack of support of floating point arithmetic was identified as a major limitation of this tool, when synthesizing C code that really requires floating point computations [...].
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