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Title: Robust Production Planning and Scheduling of a Pulp Digester and a Paper Machine
Authors: Gonçalo Reis Figueira
Bernardo Almada-Lobo
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Disturbance Management is a major issue in process industries like the pulp and paper (P&P) case and is mostly performed in the execution/control level. That approach is confined to the amendment of plans sent by upper levels and can thus be problematic. This paper moves towards the integration of planning and control, starting from the planning's point of view. The application of Simulation-Optimization (S-O) allows considering uncertainty, but keeping a deterministic tractable optimization model. Indeed, it is the simulation model that incorporates more complex elements such as stochastic variables, as well as integrates (with more or less detail) the execution/control behaviour. In this work, we present a case study of a P&P mill, focusing on the two most critical production resources (the digester and the paper machine). The feedback obtained by simulating their interaction is used to adjust the slacks introduced in the intermediate tank. In this way, we are able to generate plans that are not only optimized concerning company's indicators, but also robust against disturbances.
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