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Title: Magnetic Field Sensor Based on Nonadiabatic Tapered Optical Fiber With Magnetic Fluid
Authors: Layeghi,A
Orlando Frazão
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: A novel magnetic field sensor using a nonadiabatic tapered optical fiber (NATOF) interacting with magnetic fluid (MF) nanoparticles is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The NATOF sensitivity when is subjected to refractive index (RI) measurement in the small range from 1.3380 to 1.3510 was 1260.17 nm/RIU as a refractometer sensor. The NATOF is surrounded by a MF whose RI changes with external magnetic field, which MF is as a cladding of tapered fiber. The output interference spectrum is shifted by the change of the applied magnetic field intensity in the range up to 44 mT with a sensitivity of -7.17 x 10(-2) nm/mT, used only 0.1% of the volume concentration of MF nanoparticles. This direct manipulation of light with magnetic fields provides an approach to develop future sensors relying on electromagnetic interactions.
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