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Title: Minimum-time manoeuvring in electric vehicles with four wheel-individual-motors
Authors: de Castro,R
Rui Esteves Araujo
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The coordinated control of vehicle actuators is gaining more and more importance as new platforms are becoming available, with chassis endowed with many different actuators that may help controlling the vehicle motion. Furthermore, wheel individual motors allow using a single system to apply both positive and negative torques at the wheels, which can be actuated independently one from the other. In electric vehicles (EVs), moreover, such a freedom in the actuation mechanisms opens the way to the combined optimisation of performance and energy consumption issues. In this paper, the problem of minimum-time manoeuvring in EVs is addressed, and the proposed strategy is compared against a benchmark, a-causal optimal solution showing that only a negligible loss of performance is experienced.
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