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Title: Exploring a Large News Collection Using Visualization Tools
Authors: Tiago Nuno Devezas
José Luís Devezas
Sérgio Nunes
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The overwhelming amount of news content published online every day has made it increasingly difficult to perform macro-level analysis of the news landscape. Visual exploration tools harness both computing power and human perception to assist in making sense of large data collections. In this paper, we employed three visualization tools to explore a dataset comprising one million articles published by news organizations and blogs. The visual analysis of the dataset revealed that 1) news and blog sources evaluate very differently the importance of similar events, granting them distinct amounts of coverage, 2) there are both dissimilarities and overlaps in the publication patterns of the two source types, and 3) the content's direction and diversity behave differently over time. Copyright © 2016 for the individual papers by the paper's authors.
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