Controlling electric vehicles in quasi-real-time

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Filipe Joel Soares
João Peças Lopes
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This work presents a methodology to manage Electric Vehicles (EV) charging in quasi-real-time, considering the participation of EV aggregators in electricity markets and the technical restrictions of the electricity grid components, controlled through the distribution system operator. Two methodologies are presented to manage EV charging, one to be used by the EV aggregators and the other by the Distribution System Operators (DSO). The methodology developed for the aggregator has as main objective minimizing the deviation between the energy bought in the market and the energy consumed by EV. The methodology developed for the DSO allows it to manage the grid and solve operational problems that may appear by controlling EV charging. A method to generate a synthetic EV data set is used in this work, which provides information about the EV movement, periods when EV are parked, as well as their energy requirements. This data set is used afterwards to assess the performance of the algorithms developed to manage the EV charging in quasi-real-time. © 2013 IEEE.