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Title: Telling stories with data visualization
Authors: Rodríguez,MT
Sérgio Nunes
Tiago Nuno Devezas
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In this article we survey the historical background and development of information and data visualization, and an overview of the intersection of data visualization with storytelling applied to the field of data journalism, where it finds its most widespread use in narrative visualizations. We start by explaining why the mere act of visualization can be highly useful to readers, helping them discover patterns and comprehend information. Backed by historical references, we will describe how some of the first data visualizations were used to explain facts, understand certain events, and determine courses of action. We will then outline how storytelling and narrative techniques are being currently used with data visualization to leverage the power of visual expression. Our goal is to characterize storytelling with data as a vibrant and interesting field that current journalism practices employ to help readers understand and form opinions on complex facts. By presenting concepts like storytelling with data and data stories, we aim to spark interest in further research in the applications of data visualization and narrative. © 2015 ACM.
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