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Title: MediaViz: An Interactive Visualization Platform for Online Media Studies
Authors: Tiago Nuno Devezas
Sérgio Nunes
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In this paper, we present the tools of the MediaViz project, a work-in progress platform that aims to provide researchers, academics and professionals from the media field with a set of analytical and exploratory resources to answer high level and complex questions about the online media panorama, in an eficient, visual and interactive way. Our approach consists of aggregating and processing news data from multiple online sources, and provide programatic access to it through an Application Programming Interface (API). The visualization tools leverage the data provided by the API, allowing users to interact, explore and interrogate that information. Through the use of data visualization techniques, we aim to characterize the publication patterns of multiple online news sources by analyzing and comparing distinct dimensions. Dimensions of interest include the frequency and flow of publications and social shares throughout time, and the geographic coverage of online news outlets. We present some of the developed visualization tools and describe how they can offer meaningful insights by providing a bird's-eye view of distinct characteristics of the online mediascape. © 2015 ACM.
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