Experimental validation of smart distribution grids: Development of a microgrid and electric mobility laboratory

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Clara Sofia Gouveia
David Emanuel Rua
Filipe André Ribeiro
Luís Miguel Miranda
Justino Miguel Rodrigues
Carlos Moreira
João Peças Lopes
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The development of the Smart Grid concept is the pathway for assuring high reliability, control and management requirements in future electric power distribution systems. The Smart Grid can be defined as an electricity network supported by an intelligent infrastructure, both hardware and software, capable of accommodating high shares of Distributed Energy Resources. Within this line, a Smart Grid laboratorial infrastructure was developed, being dedicated to advanced research and demonstration activities. The adopted laboratorial architecture was developed according to the Microgrid concept, where Electric Vehicles are regarded as active and flexible players. Following the laboratory implementation, this paper provides a detailed description of its infrastructure and experimental capabilities, presenting and discussing different experimental set-ups and associated results.