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Title: 3D Simulators in Professional Training Learning complex tasks overcoming material, economic, and human constraints
Authors: Bernardino Lopes,JB
André Dias
Leonel Morgado
Paulo Martins
Gonçalo Conde Matos
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This paper is about the development of 3D simulators for supplementary instruction in professional training with complex learning tasks and material, human and economic constraints. We present a theoretical framework describing and explaining how a simulator can support the fundamental interaction dynamics in learning settings (interaction with reality, with others and with the learner himself. We describe the development of an actual 3D simulator (for installing the engine in an F-16 fighter aircraft) and present its next phases. We discuss how our theoretical framework fits and explains the development phases of a 3D simulator to meet the intended learning outcomes and how it can help in the development of simulators with similar purposes.
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