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Title: Combining Boosted Trees with Metafeature Engineering for Predictive Maintenance
Authors: Vítor Manuel Cerqueira
Fábio Hernâni Pinto
Cláudio Rebelo Sá
Carlos Manuel Soares
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: We describe a data mining workflow for predictive maintenance of the Air Pressure System in heavy trucks. Our approach is composed by four steps: (i) a filter that excludes a subset of features and examples based on the number of missing values (ii) a metafeatures engineering procedure used to create a meta-level features set with the goal of increasing the information on the original data; (iii) a biased sampling method to deal with the class imbalance problem; and (iv) boosted trees to learn the target concept. Results show that the metafeatures engineering and the biased sampling method are critical for improving the performance of the classifier.
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