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    The Design of Digital Platform Ecosystem Supporting Circular Economy
    ( 2023) António Lucas Soares ; Henrique Diogo Silva ; Gonçalo Marantes
    Circular Economy business models rely on complex data exchange between organizations, which require a supporting digital infrastructure facilitating the circularity-related processes. In a digital platform context, value is generated not by the underlying technologies but by its allied ecosystem: community, users, developers, and integrated applications. These ecosystems come with an intrinsically complex interorganisational structure often overlooked during the development phase, leading to low platform adoption and obsolete platforms in the mid to long-term. Developed through a combined action-research and design science research approach, we propose a framework to support the design and deployment of circular economy ecosystems from a sociotechnical perspective, including practices from the requirements engineering, circular innovation ecosystems and digital platforms literature. © 2023, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing.
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    Collaborative Spaces as Mediators for Information Sharing in Collaborative Networks
    ( 2012) António Lucas Soares ; Fábio Joel Alves ; 2252 ; 5309
    Information and knowledge sharing within collaborative networks stills being a challenging problem. Particularly in self governed or mediated networks the information/collaboration deadlock is likely to occur if there are not instrumental methods, socially accepted, that foster usable and useful patterns of collaborative information management. This paper describes how the vision for a solution to this problem was developed using the design science frameworks and the concept of technological rules. The result is materialised in the concept collaborative spaces as pivoting collaborative structures in the network enabling locally shared information to feed the network global level.
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    PREFAB Framework - PRoduct quality towards zEro deFects for melAmine surface Boards industry
    ( 2021) Dias,RC ; Pedro Senna ; Goncalves,AF ; Reis,J ; Michalaros,N ; Alexopoulos,K ; Gomes,M ; 7330
    Zero Defects is one of the ultimate targets for manufacturing quality control and assurance. Such systems are becoming common in advanced manufacturing industries but are at an initial stage in more traditional industrial sectors, such as wood panels, laminates production, pulp and paper processing and composite panels production. This paper proposes the PREFAB framework, applied to the wood based panels industry, to minimize rejected products using AI, machine learning and IoT devices. The framework was built through action research with a Portuguese wood-based panel manufacturing. This framework delivered an innovative decision support system that provides relevant and timely recommendations for shopfloor decision making and to support process/product engineering. Copyright (C) 2021 The Authors.
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    Adoption of digital technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned from collaborative Academia-Industry R&D case studies
    ( 2021) Ana Cristina Simões ; Ferreira,F ; Hélio Cristiano Castro ; Pedro Senna ; Daniela Sofia Silva ; Gustavo Dalmarco ; 7330 ; 8340 ; 7161 ; 7376 ; 5521
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    Architecture Model for a Holistic and Interoperable Digital Energy Management Platform
    ( 2020) Pedro Senna ; António Henrique Almeida ; Barros,AC ; Ricardo Jorge Bessa ; Américo Azevedo ; 7330 ; 2160 ; 4882 ; 5264