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Title: RPL Modifications to Improve the End-to-End Delay Estimation in WSN
Authors: Pedro Filipe Pinto
António Pinto
Manuel Ricardo
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Real-time monitoring applications deployed in Low-power and Lossy Networks may generate flows sensitive to delay, where the information is useful for the destination only if it is received within a strict delay boundary. Data packets that will likely miss the application deadline could be discarded during their routing through the network or even be not transmitted at all, thus contributing for a better usage of the network resources. This paper presents RA-EEDEM, a set of modifications made to RPL that improve the End-to-End Delay (EED) estimation accuracy. The RA-EEDEM modifications include changes to the RPL metrics and to its Objective Function (OF). The results show that RA-EEDEM improves the accuracy of EED estimation while minimizing its impact on the average EED and Packet Reception Ratio (PRR).
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