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Title: Towards Decentralized Conformance Checking in Model-Based Testing of Distributed Systems
Authors: Bruno Carvalhido Lima
João Pascoal Faria
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: In a growing number of domains, the provisioning of end-to-end services to the users depends on the proper interoperation of multiple products, forming a new distributed system. To ensure interoperability and the integrity of this new distributed system, it is important to conduct integration tests that verify not only the interactions with the environment but also the interactions between the system components. Integration test scenarios for that purpose may be conveniently specified by means of UML sequence diagrams, possibly allowing multiple execution paths. The automation of such integration tests requires that test components are also distributed, with a local tester deployed close to each system component, and a central tester coordinating the local testers. In such a test architecture, it is important to minimize the communication overhead during test execution. Hence, in this paper we investigate conditions upon which conformance errors can be detected locally (local observability) and test inputs can be decided locally (local controllability) by the local testers, without the need for exchanging coordination messages between the test components during test execution. The conditions are specified in a formal specification language that allows executing and validating the specification. Examples of test scenarios are also presented, illustrating local observability and controllability problems associated with optional messages without corresponding acknowledgment messages, races and non-local choices. © 2017 IEEE.
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