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Title: HDR video on mobile devices Unlocker of new opportunities for digital business
Authors: Miguel Correia Melo
Luis Barbosa
Frederico Branco
Maximino Bessa
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Prior to having available the High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques, certain levels of luminance could only by captured by the human eye. Currently, HDR technology overcomes the limitations of conventional imaging technology (also referred as Low Dynamic Range or LDR) and allows the capture and delivery of contents that can match the dynamic range of the real world. However, the state of the art of HDR video focus mainly on conventional sized displays typical of TVs or PCs. As the usage of mobile devices for multimedia consumption is increasing considerably, there is a need for studying the impact of the viewing of HDR video on such devices. This will allow to take full advantage of HDR technology, creating a set of opportunities for the digital business as it allows, among others, the presentation of products in a much more efficient and captivating way. On this paper it is presented a study that evaluates the impact of the HDR video delivery on mobile devices and compares it with the impact of Low Dynamic Range (LDR) content. Results show that the delivery of HDR video on mobiles is possible without requiring much more resources when comparing the delivery of LDR video.
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