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Title: Assessment of dispersion map impact on the digital back propagation of long-haul fibre-optic links
Authors: Luís Manuel Pessoa
Henrique Salgado
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The back propagation algorithm is one of the best methods known for simultaneous linear and nonlinear impairment mitigation in long-haul fibre-optic links. Better understanding the full potential of such algorithm is key to improve the capacity of future links, whose design is likely to depend on the algorithm performance under different link configurations. In this paper, we carry out a novel and pertinent comparison in terms of the computational complexity requirements of both symmetric and asymmetric back-propagation implementation approaches for different dispersion map configurations, using simple single channel transmission, which results in the proposal of several design rules for the optimized deployment of ultra-long haul optical transport systems. In particular, it is concluded that dispersion unmanaged transmission is preferable in the sense of compatibility with different link design configurations as well as computational complexity requirements and maximum performance that can be achieved.
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