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Title: Chaos-based grey wolf optimizer for higher order sliding mode position control of a robotic manipulator
Authors: Josenalde Barbosa Oliveira
Paulo Moura Oliveira
José Boaventura
Tatiana Martins Pinho
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The use of rigid robot manipulators with good performance in industrial applications demands a proper robust and optimized control technique. Several works have proven the efficient use of metaheuristics optimization algorithms to work with complex problems in the robotic area. In this work, it is proposed the use of Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) with chaotic basis to optimize the parameters of a robust Higher Order Sliding Modes (HOSM) controller for the position control in joint space of a rigid robot manipulator. A total of seven test cases were considered varying the chosen chaotic map, face to the original GWO and the general repeatability of such algorithm is improved using chaotic versions. Also, two cost functions were tested within the HOSM optimization. Simulation results suggest that both algorithm and cost function formulations influence the chaotic map choice. In fact, the chattering problem, presented by HOSM controllers, is reduced when the cost function attempts to minimize the total variation of the control signal.
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