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Title: LiteSense: An adaptive sensing scheme for WSNs
Authors: João Marco
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Adaptability and energy-efficient sensing are essential properties to sustain the easy deployment and lifetime of WSNs. These properties assume a stronger role in autonomous sensing environments where the application objectives or the parameters under measurement vary, and human intervention is not viable. In this context, this paper proposes LiteSense, a self-adaptive sampling scheme for WSNs, which aims at capturing accurately the behavior of the physical parameters of interest in each WSN context yet reducing the overhead in terms of sensing events and, consequently, the energy consumption. For this purpose, a set of low-complexity rules auto-regulates the sensing frequency depending on the observed parameter variation. Resorting to real environmental datasets, we provide statistical results showing the ability of LiteSense in reducing sensing activity and power consumption, while keeping the estimation accuracy of sensing events. © 2017 IEEE.
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