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Title: CAOVerif: An open-source deductive verification platform for cryptographic software implementations
Authors: José Bacelar Almeida
Manuel Barbosa
Jorge Sousa Pinto
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: CAO is a domain-specific imperative language for cryptography, offering a rich mathematical type system and crypto-oriented language constructions. We describe the design and implementation of a deductive verification platform for CAO and demonstrate that the development time of such a complex verification tool could be greatly reduced by building on the Jessie plug-in included in the Frama-C framework. We discuss the interesting challenges raised by the domain-specific characteristics of CAO, and describe how we tackle these problems in our design. We base our presentation on real-world examples of CAO code, extracted from the open-source code of the NaCl cryptographic library, and illustrate how various cryptography-relevant security properties can be verified.
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