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Title: Function-based modulation control for modular multilevel converters under varying loading and parameters conditions
Authors: Mehrasa,M
João Catalão
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study presents a new function-based modulation control technique for modular multilevel converters (MMCs). The main contribution of this study is the formulation of two new modulation functions for the required switching signals of the MMC's upper and lower sub-modules, respectively. The output and circulating current equations of the converter are employed to attain the arm's currents which are utilised for the proposed modulation functions, which have two important features: (i) it is much less complex compared to the existing control methods of MMC; and (ii) the proposed controller can be regulated properly to deal with parameter variations in a bid to ensure stable and accurate performance. In this controller, the MMC output current magnitude and phase angle required for special active and reactive power sharing can be easily applied to the modulation functions. Also, the equivalent capacitors of upper and lower sub-modules are discussed based on the proposed modulation functions. Finally, simulations are performed in Matlab/Simulink environment to evaluate the performance of the proposed control technique in both the dynamic conditions of load as well as varying parameters.
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