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Title: An automated approach for requirements specification maintenance
Authors: Jorge Esparteiro Garcia
Ana Cristina Paiva
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The requirements of a website are constantly changing and evolving. In this context, managing the changes related to the baseline and reviewing the requirements’ prioritization is critical. Nowadays, web analytics tools are used to analyze the behaviour of users on a website in order to improve its usability and user experience. The analysis of the usage of websites may also help software requirements maintenance which can be a contribution to the overall quality of the service provided. This paper presents an approach through a recommender system that collects the information about the usage of a website using a web analytics tools and generate recommendations reports that may help the requirements maintenance and increase the quality of the software requirements specification of the website. This paper presents also an experimental evaluation of a case study based on an online newspaper website. The results of the proposed approach provide more readable reports in a language more closer to the business and suggest requirements priority change, identify new requirements and functionalities that may be removed. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.
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