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Title: Perception-Driven Multi-Robot Formation Control
Authors: Ahmad,A
António Paulo Moreira
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Maximizing the performance of cooperative perception of a tracked target by a team of mobile robots while maintaining the team's formation is the core problem addressed in this work. We propose a solution by integrating the controller and the estimator modules in a formation control loop. The controller module is a distributed non-linear model predictive controller and the estimator module is based on a particle filter for cooperative target tracking. A formal description of the integration followed by simulation and real robot results on two different teams of homogeneous robots are presented. The results highlight how our method successfully enables a team of homogeneous robots to minimize the total uncertainty of the tracked target's cooperative estimate while complying with the performance criteria such as keeping a pre-set distance between the team-mates and/or the target and obstacle avoidance.
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