Relation Between Game Genres and Competences for In-Game Certification

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Ricardo José Baptista
António Coelho
de Carvalho,CV
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Digital Games can be effective as learning tools, in applications that can be designated as Serious Games (SG), Games for Learning (GL) or Games-based learning (GBL). SG provide challenges in accordance with the intended learning objectives and can adapt and/or repeat (by allowing error recovering) them according to the learner's level. In training, this aspect is decisive in the acquisition of knowledge, experience and professional skills. The effectiveness of games-based training is directly related to the success on how the challenges promote the acquisition of skills, for which there is no optimal design methodology. This paper presents how a study that identifies the most appropriate game genres to develop specific skills and competences can be used to provide initial solutions to serious games design methodologies. The Triadic Certification model combines the competences defined for each training plan with the challenges designed for the serious games on a matrix that matches the needs and levels.