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dc.contributor.authorAntónio Galrão Ramosen
dc.contributor.authorJosé Fernando Oliveiraen
dc.description.abstractThe container loading problem (CLP) is a combinatorial optimization problem for the spatial arrangement of cargo inside containers so as to maximize the usage of space. The algorithms for this problem are of limited practical applicability if real-world constraints are not considered, one of the most important of which is deemed to be stability. This paper addresses static stability, as opposed to dynamic stability, looking at the stability of the cargo during container loading. This paper proposes two algorithms. The first is a static stability algorithm based on static mechanical equilibrium conditions that can be used as a stability evaluation function embedded in CLP algorithms (e.g. constructive heuristics, metaheuristics). The second proposed algorithm is a physical packing sequence algorithm that, given a container loading arrangement, generates the actual sequence by which each box is placed inside the container, considering static stability and loading operation efficiency constraints. © 2015 The Authors.en
dc.titleA physical packing sequence algorithm for the container loading problem with static mechanical equilibrium conditionsen
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