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Title: A model-based heuristic for the irregular strip packing problem
Authors: Cherri,LH
Maria Antónia Carravilla
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The irregular strip packing problem is a common variant of cutting and packing problems. Only a few exact methods have been proposed to solve this problem in the literature. However, several heuristics have been proposed to solve it. Despite the number of proposed heuristics, only a few methods that combine exact and heuristic approaches to solve the problem can be found in the literature. In this paper, a matheuristic is proposed to solve the irregular strip packing problem. The method has three phases in which exact mixed integer programming models from the literature are used to solve the sub-problems. The results show that the matheuristic is less dependent on the instance size and finds equal or better solutions in 87,5% of the cases in shorter computational times compared with the results of other models in the literature. Furthermore, the matheuristic is faster than other heuristics from the literature. © 2016 Brazilian Operations Research Society.
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