Coordinating Storage and Demand Response for Microgrid Emergency Operation

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Clara Sofia Gouveia
Carlos Moreira
João Peças Lopes
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Microgrids are assumed to be established at the low voltage distribution level, where distributed energy sources, storage devices, controllable loads and electric vehicles are integrated in the system and need to be properly managed. The microgrid system is a flexible cell that can be operated connected to the main power network or autonomously, in a controlled and coordinated way. The use of storage devices in microgrids is related to the provision of some form of energy buffering during autonomous operating conditions, in order to balance load and generation. However, frequency variations and limited storage capacity might compromise microgrid autonomous operation. In order to improve microgrid resilience in the moments subsequent to islanding, this paper presents innovative functionalities to run online, which are able to manage microgrid storage considering the integration of electric vehicles and load responsiveness. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms is validated through extensive numerical simulations.