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Title: A depth-map approach for automatic mice behavior recognition
Authors: João Pedro Monteiro
Hélder Filipe Oliveira
Jaime Cardoso
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Animal behavior assessment plays an important role in basic and clinical neuroscience. Although assessing the higher functional level of the nervous system is already possible, behavioral tests are extremely complex to design and analyze. Animal's responses are often evaluated manually, making it subjective, extremely time consuming, poorly reproducible and potentially fallible. The main goal of the present work is to evaluate the use of consumer depth cameras, such as the Microsoft's Kinect, for detection of behavioral patterns of mice. The hypothesis is that the depth information, should enable a more feasible and robust method for automatic behavior recognition. Thus, we introduce our depth-map based approach comprising mouse segmentation, body-like per-frame feature extraction and per-frame classification given temporal context, to prove the usability of this methodology. © 2014 IEEE.
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