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Title: Spatio-temporal fusion for learning of regions of interests over multiple video streams
Authors: Samaneh Khoshrou
Jaime Cardoso
Luís Filipe Teixeira
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Video surveillance systems must process and manage a growing amount of data captured over a network of cameras for various recognition tasks. In order to limit human labour and error, this paper presents a spatial-temporal fusion approach to accurately combine information from Region of Interest (RoI) batches captured in a multi-camera surveillance scenario. In this paper, feature-level and score-level approaches are proposed for spatial-temporal fusion of information to combine information over frames, in a framework based on ensembles of GMM-UBM (Universal Background Models). At the feature-level, features in a batch of multiple frames are combined and fed to the ensemble, whereas at the score-level the outcome of ensemble for individual frames are combined. Results indicate that feature-level fusion provides higher level of accuracy in a very efficient way. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.
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