INESC Porto experimental Smart Grid: Enabling the deployment of EV and der

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Clara Sofia Gouveia
David Emanuel Rua
Carlos Moreira
João Peças Lopes
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The feasibility of the MicroGrid (MG) concept, as the pathway for integrating Electric Vehicles (EV) and other Distributed energy Resources (DER), has been the focus of several research projects around the world. However, developments have been mainly demonstrated through numerical simulation. Regarding effective smart grid deployment, strong effort is required in demonstration activities, addressing the feasibility of innovative control solutions and the need of specific communication requirements. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to provide an integrated overview of the laboratorial infrastructure under development at INESC Porto, where it will be possible to conceptualize, implement and test the performance of new control and management concepts for Smart Grid cells. The laboratorial infrastructure integrates two experimental MG, including advanced prototypes for power conditioning units to be used in micro generation applications, batteries for energy storage and a fully controlled bidirectional power converter. Preliminary experimental results and organization of the infrastructure are presented. © 2013 IEEE.