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Title: Remuneration and tariffs in the context of virtual power players
Authors: Ribeiro,C
José Ribeiro Baptista
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Power systems have been through deep changes, with their operation in the scope of competitive electricity markets (EM) and the increasingly intensive use of renewable energy sources and distributed generation. This requires new business models able to cope with the new opportunities. Virtual Power Players (VPPs) are a new player type which allows aggregating a diversity of players (distribution Generation, storage units, electrical vehicles, and consumers) to participate in the markets and to provide a set of new services promoting generation and consumption efficiency and to improving players’ benefits. A major task of VPPs is the remuneration of generation and of the services (e.g. market operation costs, and energy reserves) as well as charging energy consumption. This PhD research will contribute by developing fair and strategic remuneration and tariff methodologies, able to allow efficient VPP operation and VPP goals accomplishment in EM. © Springer International Publishing AG 2018.
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