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Title: Semantically Enriched Variable Length Markov Chain Model for Analysis of User Web Navigation Sessions
Authors: Shirgave,S
José Luís Borges
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The rapid growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in intricate Web sites, demanding enhanced user skills to find the required information and more sophisticated tools that are able to generate apt recommendations. Markov Chains have been widely used to generate next-page recommendations; however, accuracy of such models is limited. Herein, we propose the novel Semantic Variable Length Markov Chain Model (SVLMC) that combines the fields of Web Usage Mining and Semantic Web by enriching the Markov transition probability matrix with rich semantic information extracted from Web pages. We show that the method is able to enhance the prediction accuracy relatively to usage-based higher order Markov models and to semantic higher order Markov models based on ontology of concepts. In addition, the proposed model is able to handle the problem of ambiguous predictions. An extensive experimental evaluation was conducted on two real-world data sets and on one partially generated data set. The results show that the proposed model is able to achieve 15-20% better accuracy than the usage-based Markov model, 8-15% better than the semantic ontology Markov model and 7-12% better than semantic-pruned Selective Markov Model. In summary, the SVLMC is the first work proposing the integration of a rich set of detailed semantic information into higher order Web usage Markov models and experimental results reveal that the inclusion of detailed semantic data enhances the prediction ability of Markov models.
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