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Title: Transparent current mirrors using A-GIZO TFTs: Simulation with RBF models and fabrication
Authors: Bahubalindruni,P
Vítor Grade Tavares
Manuel Cândido Santos
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This paper analyzes transparent two-TFT current mirrors using a-GIZO TFTs with different mirroring ratios. In order to achieve a high mirroring ratio, the output TFT in the circuit employed a fingered structure layout to minimize area and overlap capacitance. The analysis of the current mirrors is performed in three phases. In the first, a radial basis function based (RBF) model is developed using measured data from fabricated TFTs on the same chip. Then, in the second phase, the RBF model is implemented in Verilog-A that is used to simulate two-TFT current mirrors with different mirroring ratios. The simulations are carried out using Cadence spectre simulator. In the third phase, simulation results are validated with the measured response from the fabricated circuits. © 2014 IEEE.
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