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Title: Influence of Channel Length Scaling on InGaZnO TFTs Characteristics: Unity Current-Gain Cutoff Frequency, Intrinsic Voltage-Gain, and On-Resistance
Authors: Bahubalindruni,PG
Vítor Grade Tavares
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This paper presents a study concerning the role of channel length scaling on IGZO TFT technology benchmark parameters, which are fabricated at temperatures not exceeding 180 degrees C. The parameters under investigation are unity current-gain cutoff frequency, intrinsic voltage-gain, and on-resistance of the bottom-gate IGZOTFTs. As the channel length varies from 160 to 3 mu m, the measured cutoff frequency increases from 163 kHz to 111.5 MHz, which is a superior value compared to the other competing low-temperature thin-film technologies, such as organic TFTs. On the other hand, for the same transistor dimensions, the measured intrinsic voltage-gain is changing from 165 to 5.3 and the on-resistance is decreasing from 1135.6 to 26.1 k Omega. TFTs with smaller channel length (3 mu m) have shown a highly negative turn-on voltage and hump in the subthreshold region, which can be attributed to short channel effects. The results obtained here, together with their interpretation based on device physics, provide crucial information for accurate IC design, enabling an adequate selection of device dimensions to maximize the performance of different circuit building blocks assuring the multifunctionality demanded by system-on-panel concepts.
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